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Collection II: "Lunch Break"

"By the end of her first week one boy in particular, had caught Melis' attention. He seemed not to belong to anybody. He was the inveterate loser, confirmed in his position by his braces, glasses, and the birthmark that bubbled over his left brow."

Collection II: "All that Glitters"

"Her name was Ble. Well, it was supposed to be Bless. Her parents, you see, had lost interest in the girl by the time she was born and just as they were filling out the birth certificate in the hospital the father got a call on his iPhone saying that they had been selected to go on the first commercial flight to the moon for the low rate of twenty-two million dollars."

Collection II: "The Package"

"As he did so, a package fell from underneath Robert's coat and quickly disappeared in a dark kaleidoscope of pant legs and coat hems scissoring through his view of the sidewalk."

Collection II: "Reflections in the Rust"

"Jasmine's mother has red hair, explosive, lively, energetic, like her exuberant personality. Jasmine is more than merely boisterous; she's convivial, friendly, and hospitable to everyone."